Spas/Water Features

Custom in-ground spas

Designed with the same attention to detail as our pools, a custom in-ground spa can create a relaxing oasis in your backyard. Since the spa is custom, you can decide the shape, number and placement of benches, as well as jet locations. The same finish options as used on our pools are available, and because of the relative smaller size, using an exceptional accent tile line or plaster finish can be very affordable.


Custom in-ground spa
Cedar hot tub with vinyl liner

Wooden hot tubs

Teak-Hot-TubWooden hot tubs have been around for many years, though they have lost popularity to portable fiberglass spas recently. Made from many types of wood, including teak and jarrah, hot tubs have a natural beauty that works well in many places. The wood has a different feel against the skin than fiberglass, which many prefer. The tubs are cooped (assembled) and plumbed on site, and look great with an outdoor fireplace.


Koi ponds and other natural water features add beauty and serenity to any property. Designing a pond that will be a habitat for living beings requires an extensive understanding of water chemistry and filtration systems, which we have attained through education and experience. We can build a pond that reflects your vision and is a sustaining environment for your pets.

Ponds - Formal Koi pond


From formal fountain installation to small backyard bubblers, we have the experience and knowledge to make the presentation exactly what you envision. We have worked on many commercial fountains, both on initial construction and performing renovations and equipment rehabs.


Portable spa installations

We don’t sell portable spas, but do work with local retailers on more complex installations for their clients. For instance, we have placed spas partially below-grade, constructed custom enclosures and tiled fiberglass shells.


Portable Spa
Built Better

Commercial Projects

Some of our commercial projects have included stainless and concrete spa installations in fitness centers, community pool reconstructions and equipment rehabs, and water treatment system upgrades.