Pool Renovations

Before & Afters

You’ve already discovered the joy a pool can bring to your life and now you’re curious what you can do to enhance the value and entertainment it brings to your home and family. Great news: There are a host of renovations available to help you breathe new life into your pool! And renovations can be done over a period of time to suit any budget.

Built Better

Resurface interior finish

New plaster products can enhance the color and natural beauty of the water and give pool a whole new look. In addition to new colors, there are finishes with quartz, stone pebbles, polished stone, glass beads or complete tile veneer.

Tile replacement

A new tile line and coping stones, along with your new interior finish will truly update your pool. Natural stone, mosaics, glass, ceramic and many other materials provide endless choices.


Built Better
Portable Spa

Add a spa

While it may sound daunting, adding an in-ground spa to an existing pool is a common renovation and can offer many design options. We can set up a separate system so that you can operate only the spa, saving energy and operating costs.

Add a feature

The addition of a rock waterfall or outdoor fire place can enhance the natural feel of your outdoor space, as well as increasing the seasons you can spend outdoors. New options in underwater LED lighting can create a real show for your guests.


Water Feature
Safety Automatic Cover

Time-saving upgrades

Changing out your old filter system for a recycled glass media filter will save both time and money.  The glass media back-washes much quicker, resulting in using less water and, ultimately, chemicals, and the glass doesn’t have to be replaced as frequently as sand media. We can determine which upgrades like this will make the biggest impact.


Energy-saving upgrades

Remote control operations of your pool or spa will increase your enjoyment time as well as reduce energy and operating costs. Turning your spa on remotely before you leave work can have it heated and ready for you to sink into as soon as you get home. Installing a variable speed pump is the most energy-saving upgrade you can make to your pool.  Electricity costs related to the pump can be reduced by up to 90%! The industry is constantly making improvements to the efficiency of systems, and we make sure we stay current on all that is available to our clients.

Heat exchanger