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Why choose us?

Designed, Built & Backed Better

Our approach is simple: Design, Build and Back our pools and spas Better than the other guys. We focus on designing beautiful, efficiently operating and durable pools, spas and other water features.  All aspects of the construction are personally overseen by the owner, Jack Marshall, using only high quality construction standards and proven sub-contractors.  Our high confidence in our design, construction and the equipment we specify allows us to back our projects with generous warranty coverage.

Jack Marshall, CBP© has been building swimming pools, spas, hot tubs and other backyard features for over 40 years, in California, Florida and, for the past 30 years, in the Washington, DC area. As a Certified Building Professional, Jack has been accredited by the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals with the industry’s premier designation. To qualify, CBP©’s must meet experience standards, demonstrate through testing a mastery of numerous related topics, fulfill continuing education requirements to stay current with the latest industry developments, and pledge to uphold APSP’s Code of Ethics.  Jack’s close attention to detail, extensive knowledge of systems, finishes and options, and experience with challenging building sites sets Marshall Pool & Spa apart from the competition.

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Designed better - pool

Designed Better

We do not have a “standard pool package,” as there is no standard pool.  Every pool and spa is custom-designed to reflect the owner’s vision and enhance the home. The prospect of putting in a new pool or spa can be overwhelming at first, but we will help walk you through the designing process and all the options available to create your new backyard paradise. Jack Marshall evaluates the existing site to determine the maximum design options and helps each client determine the goals of the new pool. A gathering place for family and friends or a quiet oasis for relaxation? A lap pool or a play pool with proper depths for water volleyball? Or perhaps some combination? Once the needs of the client are established, design options are developed.  Based on the client’s direction and vision, finish options for plaster, tile, coping, decking and other elements will be provided.  The systems specified for the smooth operation of your pool or spa are from the most-respected manufacturers in the industry with reputations for quality and energy-efficiency. Additional features, such as negative edges, waterfalls, tanning ledges, underwater lighting and play accessories, can make your pool a true backyard paradise.

Built Better

Jack Marshall personally oversees all aspects of the construction, often taking on particularly difficult aspects himself. We only work with sub-contractors that have been proven strong partners over many years. The standards employed are the highest in the industry, and our subs know the level expected. We do not use completion penalty clauses in our contracts. We feel it is more important to hold ourselves to a high standard so that we can take the time to redo something not done right the first time. Other companies will cover up mistakes and shoddy workmanship in order to avoid completion penalties. Change orders to the contract are rare unless the client makes a design or option change during construction or if unforeseen conditions incur excessive expense.

Backed Better

Our warranty coverage reflects the confidence we have in the product that we design and build. We warranty the pool and finishes to be free from defects in material and workmanship the first full year and guarantee the pool structure for the lifetime of the pool. Jack Marshall will make any initial visits necessary to determine the cause of any problem and will personally oversee any remediation needed. This helps expedite diagnosing the problem as Jack will be intimately familiar with your pool and its systems and most capable of pin-pointing the source. We will work with the manufacturers on any equipment-warranty claims on your behalf, if necessary.

About Us

Marshall Pool & Spa is a small, family-owned business, primarily operating in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. We have stayed small in order to provide a level of experienced service that the large companies cannot meet. As a member of APSP, we have committed to a higher standard and professionalism in the swimming pool industry.  We started the company in 2003 after over 30 years in the pool and spa design and construction business because we wanted to work with clients who value quality, experience and unique design. Our goal is to design and build pools and spas that are of the highest quality and provide the greatest ownership enjoyment.