New Pools

Custom in-ground free-form pools

A free-form pool allows you to take full advantage of the space in your backyard, as well as accommodate desired decking and other features in the design. Spas, waterfalls, rock walls and tanning shelves are popular options that can be easily incorporated into a free-form pool design.

Custom in-ground spa
Infinity (negative) edge

Infinity edge pools

An infinity or endless pool has a portion of the pool edge that is lower and allows water to cascade down to a catch-basin. It creates a stunning appearance when designed and engineered correctly, and is an elegant element. The sound of the water also creates a soothing atmosphere, adding to your enjoyment.

Play pools

The benefits of family playtime are endless, from increased exercise and better health to closer relationships and memory-making. A pool specifically designed to create a play space for the family can help bring about those benefits. Areas in the pool can be designed for volleyball, basketball, water slides, diving rocks, and beachfront entries, creating a space for your family to be active while spending time with each other.

Play pool
New Pool

Lap pools

Lap pools are designed primarily with exercise in mind.  They tend to be narrow and the length is dependent upon the client’s desires and the space available. Automatic covers and heaters can extend your outdoor exercise season by several months. Though exercise is a major goal, plaster, tile, coping and decking decisions can create a stunning addition to your property.

Custom options

The days of a simple “cement pond” in the backyard are long gone, as the swimming pool industry has responded to the design desires of the 21st Century.  Rock walls and waterfalls, sun shelves and tanning ledges, beachfront entries and sophisticated LED lighting schemes are just some of the possible elements to add to your pool. Items such as automatic covers, remote control systems, energy-efficient and “green” pumps and filtration systems and alternative-source heating options will reduce operating and maintenance costs for years to come.


Ceramic mosaic
Challenging building site

Challenging building sites

Over the years, we have dealt with various challenging building sites with success. Issues with elevation changes, retaining walls, limited access, septic systems and poor soil have been overcome to allow the client’s vision to be realized. The Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act has added challenges to all construction in the region. Jack Marshall is a Virginia Certified Responsible Land Disturber, ensuring that he abides by the laws in place to protect the watershed areas, and helping to expedite permit approval.



Owning a pool or other water feature brings a responsibility along with it to provide a safe environment.  Not only are there industry regulations on safety measures (such as suction drain covers), but there are also reasonable steps that you can take to help ensure your pool and yard are safe for your family and friends.  We can make recommendations on both physical and virtual devices that can be installed to help make your pool free of hazards and provide a safe place to play and relax.

Safety Automatic Cover